What Does the Navy League Do?

[meteor_slideshow]“The purposes of the Navy League of the United States are

  • to acquire and spread before the citizens of the country information as to the condition of its naval forces and ships,
  • and to awaken public interest and activity in all matters tending to aid, improve, and develop the efficiency of the navy.

  • –from the Introduction to A Short History of the Navy. 1907
    To that end, the officers of the Navy League selected Mr. John R. Spears to prepare a brief history of the Navy.”


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    Today the Navy League is still acquiring and reporting information on the state of our Navy and have added other sea services: the United States Marine Corps, the United States Coast Guard, and the United States Merchant Marine. The Navy League most notably publishes the national magazine, Sea Power, and hosts a Maritime conference every year, the Navy League Sea Air Space Exposition.

    Locally, the Monterey Peninsula Council provides opportunities for members to meet and hear sea service officers and personnel discuss their assignments and the goals of their leadership. We support the men and women in our sea services in a variety of ways, including identifying exceptional sailors, marine, coast guardsmen and merchant mariners and awarding the plaques and certificates to commemorate their service achievements. Our members have access to Defense industry professionals, at the Sea Air Space Exposition. Finally, our members have special opportunities to tour and ride maritime defense facilities and vessels.

    The Monterey Peninsula Council supports two United States Naval Sea Cadet units. News of their activities is displayed on the right hand side bar of this page. Clicking on any of the links under Chesty Puller BN News, will navigate you to the Chesty Puller BN website space, which is provided by the Monterey Peninsula Council.

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