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The Navy League’s Most Popular Benefit!

For more than 40 years the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition has spotlighted the latest innovative systems and products designed to maintain U.S. military superiority, as well as meet critical national security challenges. The largest maritime exhibition of its kind in the world, the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition also provides an outstanding forum for the exchange of technical and professional information between the top leaders of the defense industry and Department of Defense.

Exhibiting at Sea-Air-Space is strictly restricted to Corporate Members in good standing, though Corporate Members are permitted to attend as guests of the Navy League. A tremendously valuable tool for defense contractors, subcontractors and suppliers who are serious about maintaining or establishing a presence in the maritime marketplace, Sea-Air-Space provides the defense establishment and civilian industry the opportunity to learn and grow together.


  • Expand its corporate image among government and military professionals
  • Network with new prospects
  • Pursue face-to-face meetings with valued clients
  • Debut new products and services in an ideal setting
  • Evaluate competitors
  • Increase Sales!

An event that consistently sells out each year, more than 10,000 attendees participate in the three day Exposition and professional seminars. Exhibit space is assigned on an order point system, based on: consecutive years of exhibiting, previous exhibit space, level of membership, advertising in Seapower, and corporate sponsorships.

“The Sea-Air-Space Exposition provides Raytheon with a specific opportunity to present transformational developments in our products that will meet the requirements of our Navy customers. We appreciate and value the opportunity to participate in this important event.”
Rick Gildea – Vice President, Navy Programs – Raytheon Company


  • U.S. Navy 45%
  • Industry 28%
  • DoD Civilian 14%
  • U.S. Coast Guard 5%
  • U.S. Marine Corps 3%
  • U.S. Air Force 2%
  • U.S. Army 1%
  • Civil Government 1%
  • Foreign Government 1%



These member-only events are designed to provide Corporate Members with up‐to‐the‐minute information on acquisition, requirement programs, and events that matter to the defense community, all while in a not-for-attribution forum. This event will give you the opportunity to meet with important speakers and discuss issues involving government capability requirements and acquisition resources. Held several times each year in Washington, DC, these Special Topic Breakfasts usually run from 7:30 a.m. until 9:00 a.m., so that our members can get the information they need without disrupting the workday. Some of last year’s speakers included:

  • Sean Connaughton, U.S. Maritime Administrator
  • Dr. Delores M. Etter, Assistant Secretary of the Navy
  • VADM Lewis W. Crenshaw, Jr. Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Integration of Capabilities and Resources (N8)


With nearly 300 councils worldwide, the Navy League offers its members the opportunity to become personally involved and to support the sea services in their local communities. Councils provide the grassroots strength that enables the Navy League to offer broad support through monthly local activities, including: ship commissionings and ship/station adoptions, awards to active duty personnel for exceptional service, scholarships and youth programs, as well as educational seminars for Navy League members and local citizens.


Held quarterly in various cities throughout the U.S., these forums serve as an extremely effective means of interpersonal communication between you and senior-level maritime service leaders. Typically, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard flag officers and approximately twenty senior corporate executives meet for dinner and an open give-and-take discussion.


SEAPOWER magazine and its Almanac issue are the official publications of the Navy League of the United States. SEAPOWER is the only audited monthly magazine that focuses exclusively on the nationʹs maritime defense news. The magazine’s articles cover a wide range of topics including national defense, foreign policy, naval affairs, maritime issues, homeland security and defense research, development and procurement. Each issue’s editorial content is geared toward updating sea service personnel, procurement specialists, executives in the defense industry, and decision-makers on Capitol Hill. It also provides a forum for senior sea service leaders to express their views on various topics of concern.

Special advertising perks, ranging from discounts to free ads depending on your membership level, are also included in your corporate benefit package. When you advertise in SEAPOWER magazine, you gain exposure to the top leaders in the defense industry.


In the fall, the Navy League hosts its annual National Tribute Dinner to formally thank our corporate members and volunteers for their year-round generosity and selfless patriotism. At the dinner, you will be able to build relationships with senior military and civilian leadership from DOD and Homeland Security, Navy and Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipients, members of Congress, and industry representatives from across all business sectors. Navy League sponsors will receive special recognition at the dinner.

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